“Ghavamkar Industrial Group” is a Manufacturer of Different Adhesives, Colors, Resins, and Construction Chemicals.

Due to investment in and development of oil, gas, petrochemical and downstream industries in our country, Iran, the development strategy of this company has been adopted on the basis of manufacturing of products with raw materials with domestic origins, selling and exporting the manufactured products. Four decades of production activity and 35 years of active and frequent presence in the regional markets, in line with other successful brands such as Ghavam, Araks, Darkoob, Master, and Victoria, as well as, the permanent support and satisfaction of the customers have led this company to be nominated as the exemplary exporter for several periods.

This company has always tried to provide high quality products to the domestic and foreign target markets; the prominent presence and reputation of Ghavam in international market, particularly in the countries located in Khazar Sea Basin and Iraq indicate the ongoing and unceasingly efforts of this company. Therefore, another production plant was launched in Uzbekistan in 2006 for developing the production line and covering more targeted markets.

“Ghavamkar Industrial Group” has always prioritized over the quality of manufactured products in order to attract the trust of customers and to be accountable toward its customers and commercial partners. For accomplishing this end, it has undertaken to equip the plant with quality control laboratory and research and development (R&D) laboratory having test tools and to enhance its specialized and obliged human forces.

We dare say one of the competitive advantages of Ghavamkar in domestic market, is the same quality control laboratory as well as the reinforcement of research and development department. As an independent and capable department, research and development department monitors frequently all production and supply processes of the products manufactured by this company in order to provide the best quality and most perfect products to its valuable costumers.

Thus, Ghavamkar Industrial Group could obtain 10 signs of Iran National Standard as well as quality management system standard, ISO9001, for its manufactured products. The policy of Ghavamkar Industrial Group was adopted in terms of manufacturing products which are always of high quality and keep the customers satisfactory. Ghavamkar Industrial Group believes in effect that “the customer is always right”.

We aim to expand the business activities by establishing a Canadian branch as a distribution and manufacturing center outside Iran.

The family companies had been outdated many years ago, and just a few of them could manage to survive and continue their activities for many years and develop their own family company. “Ghavamkar Industrial Group”, however, is one of the most successful family brand in which “Ezzatollah Mahdizadeh Aghdam” invested 35 years of his valuable life, so that he has been able to keep the quality, develop its business, and globalized Ghavam Brand during these years.  
For now, it is nearly two years that he was appointed as the chairperson of board of directors and he appointed her older daughter, “Ms. Sudabeh Mahdizadeh Aghdam” as the chief executive officer, so that, she will continue this way as a younger and more dynamic force.

“Ghavamkar Industrial Group” is a group working based on knowledge, creativity, experience, as well as up-to-date ideas which has been constituted of experienced, obliged individuals and practitioners in the field of business during many years.

It enjoys educated and motivated staff who are always striving devotedly to satisfy the customers and develop the domestic and foreign target markets.

The sales and marketing team of “Ghavamkar Industrial Group” has always sought to cooperate with quality control department and research and development department (R&D) side by side by identifying the target markets and they have prioritized the provision of customers’ needs and requirements by providing high quality, innovative products and sincere services.

The commercial department has also operated in the same line. One of the major concerns of commercial department is to provide the necessary raw materials on time and it has always proceeded ascendingly, in terms of quality and quantity, under supervision of the factory chief executive officer, being fully obliged and responsible for fulfilling the assigned tasks.

“Ghavamkar Industrial Group” is a systematic company, all of its components including the chief executive offices to intermediate managers, commercial, sales, marketing, finance, operation, transportation departments, … cooperate side by side and sincerely in order to obtain the best achievements. The group work result of this systematic and principled cycle is the stabilization of Ghavam brand and trademark as one of the most well know and famous brands in this area in domestic and foreign markets.

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