Concrete Adhesive Super GH-22

This product with excellent water resistance gives higher adhesion of mortar for repairing concrete cracks, cavities and art affairs, connection of new concrete to old surfaces.

Technical Data

  • Base Acrylic emulsion
  • Appearance white liquid
  • Solid Content 39 ٪, minimum  
  • Viscosity  50 to 150 Poise(measured by Brook field RV at 25 °C)
  • Density 1.09 gr/cm³


TypeNet WeightContent in the box
Quart690 gr12 unit
Bucket2.75 kg4 unit
Bucket7.5 kg-
Bucket19 kg-

Instructions for Use

  • Consumption amount: mix proportion of 2 to 3msr, water with 1msr, concrete adhesive and use it as liquid content of mortar.
  • It is recommended to use between +7 °C ~ 27 °C



  • Shelf life approx. 12 months.
  • Store indoor in the temperature range of +5 °C ~ 40 °C
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