Vacuum Adhesive (Membranes) G-909H

This knowledge-based product is designed on the basis of water-based polyurethane resins modified with synthetic resins and is used as a reinforced membrane adhesive for gluing various types of PVC and ABS coatings to MDF surfaces.

Technical Data

  • Appearance Viscous, uniform and white liquid
  • Appearance Color Clear and colorless
  • Viscosity 50~70
  • Activation Temperature less than 60 °C
  • The Percentage of Solids 49±1
  • Density 0.03 ± 1 gr/cm³
  • Thermal Stability 80~120°C


Type Net Weight Content in the box
Galon 10 kg -

Instructions for Use

  • Spraying the edges and the work surface should be done carefully so that it has the shine resulting from gluing (usually the edges are glued twice).
  • Allow the glued surface to dry completely.
  • Check the glued areas with a UV lamp.
  • The appropriate amount of vacuum glue is 70-90 gr/m²


  • It can be stored away from direct light and heat in a closed container in a dry and cool environment for 12 months.

Product benefits:

  •  G-909H is formulated with a very wide operating temperature efficiency according to the variety of press machines and types of coatings used.
  • High thermal resistance
  • High viscosity, the best spraying properties, the most economical amount of glue consumption and the most compatible with all types of pistols
  • High sanding ability, which minimizes the need for re-spraying if G-909H glue is not sanded under sanding in case of need for restorative sanding after spraying.
  • Relatively low activation temperature makes it possible to guarantee the quality of high glass and very thin PVC coatings in addition to increasing energy efficiency and to easily work with resin, polymer and foamed substrates.
  • Ability to stick coatings without prime

Application :

* Pressing PVC covers on MDF

  • To produce grooved MDF sheets
  • Embossed MDF
  • Curved MDF

* Pressing PP and Polyolefin on MDF

* Pressing PVC covers on Thermos wood

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