VICTORIA Acrylic Paint – ECO

High quality water based paint for interior walls and ceilings.
Victoria has very good hiding power.


Type Net Weight Content in the box
Gallon - 6 unit
2.5 Gallon - -

Instructions for Use

  • Use VICTORIA  acrylic primer with roller or brush for substrates that you paint it for first time.
  • Use the emery to prepare the old substrates.
  • Fill big holes with acrylic putty.
  • Dilute the paint with water and do not keep diluted paint.
  • Apply with roller or brush and suitable temperature for application is between +10 ~ 35°C.   
  • Close the door and windows during painting so it causes humidity increasing and good result will be get.


  • Store indoor, at +5 ~ +35°C, avoid from freezing
  • Expire date: 18 months after pro date.
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