Decorative Stone Adhesive Paste

This product is a “Ready to Use” paste for setting decorative stones, tile and ceramic on the wall on the surfaces such as cement, gypsum, stone, etc.

Technical Data

  • Base Poly vinyl Acetate
  • Appearance white paste
  • Solid Content 75٪, minimum                                 
  • Density 1.75 gr/cm³


Type Net Weight Content in the box
Bucket 4.25 kg 4 unit
Bucket 10.5 kg -

Instructions for Use

  • Both surfaces must be clean, flat, dry and free of grease and dust.
  • Tile Adhesive should be applied with dentate trowel and 3 mm thickness on the wall.
  • The open time is maximum 20 minute. 48 hours after fixing of tile, grouting can be started.
  • Do not use under +10 °C.
  • Consumption amount: 2 to 4 Kg/m²  (dependent on the properties of the surfaces)



  • Shelf life approx. 6 months.
  • Store indoor in the temperature range of +5 °C ~ 40 °C
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