Super Silicone Sealant

This product is Multipurpose fast curing, anti fungal silicone sealant. It has very good adhesion to wide range surfaces. It is permanently flexible and does not shirinkage or crack. This product is used for Sinks, Showers, tub, tile, toilet, counter tops, ducting, pipes, etc.

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Technical Data

  • Base Poly chloroprene Rubber
  • Appearance light brown
  • Solid Content 22٪,‭ ‬minimum
  • Viscosity 25 to 28 Poise (measured by Brook field RV at 25 °C)
  • Density 0.85 gr/cm³


TypeNet WeightContent in the box
cartridge220 gr24 unit

Instructions for Use

  •  Both surfaces must be free of grease & dust
  •  Apply the adhesive with a brush .let it set for few minutes.
  •  Then place the surfaces together and press for few second.  


  • One year, when stored indoor and out of straight sunlight. 
  • Please keep it out of children and fire flame.‭
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