Industrial Adhesive 88

This product is a multipurpose product for most surfaces such as textile, leather, Iron, plastic and furnish. It is suitable for shoes and handbag industries, automobile industries and P.V.C flooring.

Technical Data

  • Base Poly chloroprene Rubber
  • Appearance light brown liquid
  • Solid Content 23٪ ± 1
  • Viscosity 25 to 28 Poise (measured by Brook field RV at 25 °C)
  • Density 0.85 gr/cm³


Type Net Weight Content in the box
Small can 140 gr 48 unit
Quart 620 gr 12 unit
Round gallon 2.5 Kg 6 unit
Cube gallon 2.8 Kg 6 unit
Metallic can 12 Kg -

Instructions for Use

  • Both surfaces must be cleaned.
  • Apply the adhesive to sides and let it set for few minutes.
  • Then put them together and press for few seconds.
  • Please keep it out reach of children, sunlight and fire flame.



  • Shelf life approx. 12 months, store indoor
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